Costume for boy. Pollito- kids club 1 - 9 m.

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The 'Pollito' sweatshirt consists of 80% cotton jacket in dark grey with two front pockets, zipper closure. A white star with stylish 80% cotton fringed black (original accessory) long sleeve button closure with high neckline. Fashionable trousers with two pockets, both front and back, 80% cotton. Suitable for all seasons. A very nice and comfortable...

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Brand: Dare2B


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The Dare2B kids jacket is warm, comfortable, lightweight. Sports jackets will keep you warm, comfortable and well protected during the rainy, coldest season. The jacket is stretchy, waterproof, moisture resistant and windproof. The jacket has a sturdy zipper, 2 waterproof side pockets, adjustable cuffs and an adjustable bottom of the jacket. The jacket...

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Brand: Dare2B

DARE2B winter jacket for kids

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The DARE2B winter jacket is designed for children in winter and is perfect for cold autumn days. DARE2 clothes are characterized by good quality and easy care, which is 100% polyester for children. The jacket is windproof, moisture-proof, breathable. Jackets lock at the bottom, adjustable cuffs, protective folding hood, which protects the child from rain...

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Gray dress 1 - 4 m.

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Stylish dress, pullover type, grey, ribbon, skirt, floral, two layers. Ingredients cotton 100%. Available in sizes from one year to four years.

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Light blue fashion jeans 1 - 4 m. century

  • Stylish denim pants.
  • Light blue.
  • Low-waisted trousers, perfectly tucked in and emphasizing the benefits of the figure.
  • Very nice comfortable, trendy jeans for boys 1-4 years old.

  • Age Waist width 

    Pants length 
    Years 1 m.  47 cm.

     46 cm.
    Years 2 m.  50 cm.

     48 cm.
    Years 3 m.  53 cm.

     50 cm.
    Years 4 m.  56 cm.

     52 cm.
    If you have any questions feel free to contact us by phone or by email /
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