Gone are the days when babies were dressed in shirts or dresses only, and they were wrapped in shawls for generations and winter. At the present time, we are preparing our children in a variety of colours, pictures or decorations. As fashion changes every year, so do colours, designs, decorations, pictures, and so on.
 Nowadays, even grandparents know that those days are gone, and it is very important to look at the composition, that the children do not freeze or overheat and get sick, as, as in the proverb, there is no bad weather just bad clothing.
 Nowadays, we layer our kids in the winter to make it easy to undress when it gets too hot or to dress when it's too cold to put on some extra clothes.
 It is best to choose the first layer of polyester or wool, which will absorb moisture, sweat better than cotton, which tends to absorb and retain moisture, causing cold and sticking to the body, and the middle layer should be lightweight, natural cotton. waterproof, breathable, and restrained in motion, which is very important for the child's muscular development and for the children themselves to move around freely and become familiar with the modern world.
 Up to three years of age, a baby needs to be treated very carefully as the heat transfer processes adjust and the sweat glands become active only in the third year of his life, which seems warm to us and may appear hot, and vice versa, which is normal for us cold. A baby lying down, sitting, or moving around in a stroller can freeze and become much faster.
Under no circumstances should you overdo your baby with warm clothes as they can overheat, sweat, and catch cold. If the baby is constantly warmed up, he is more likely to suffer from colds, viral diseases, lack of thermoregulatory system, immunity.
 On hot days it is best to dress your baby, just as we prepare ourselves and add another thin layer of robe that can be easily removed when it gets too hot, and at night it is dressed in a light bodysuit or bodysuit.
 What kind of outfit to choose when the children start to go to kindergarten? Clothes for kids must be neither too big nor too small to move around easily, keep their movements free and allow them to explore the world on their own; It is very important to choose clothes that are easy to dress, because the little ones go out with their babysitter, play with their friends and usually they just can't do everything on their own. Clothing should be easy to care for so that the child is not afraid to apply clothes on the activity and it is important to consider the child's abilities if the child simply does not know how to fasten, it is better to choose shoes with stickers or zippers with press or zipper, etc. It is ideal for them to have a spare pair of gloves and socks in their closet.

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