There have been times when children were only dressed in shirts or dresses and they were guarding, not for generations and winter they wrapped their babies in headscarves. In modern times, we prepare children in a variety of colors, pictures or decorations. With the annual change of madom, colors, design, decorations, paintings, etc. change as well.
Nowadays, even grandparents know that those times have passed and it is very important to look at the composition so that the children do not freeze or overheat and do not get sick, as they say, as in the proverbial, there is no bad weather just bad clothing.
In modern times, we layer children in winter so that it is easy to undress when they get too hot, or to dress when it becomes too cold for them to put on some extra clothes.
It is best to choose clothes for the first layer from polyester or wool, which will perfectly evaporate moisture, sweat, not cotton, which tends to absorb and retain moisture, which causes cold and sticks to the body, and to choose the middle layer already from light, natural cotton, top layer to choose, waterproof, well-breathing, unrestricted movements, which is very important for the structure of the child's development muscles and the children themselves like to move freely and get acquainted with the modern world.
By the time of three years, the child should be prepared very carefully, because the heat-giving processes adjust and the sweat glands begin to function actively only in the third year of his life, which seems warm to us, and he may find it hot, and outside, on the contrary, what is normal for us can be cold for him. A child lying down, sitting, or moving little in a wheelchair can freeze and get sick much faster.
In no case should you overdo it with too warm dressing of the baby, as it can overheat, sweat and get colds. If the baby is too warmly prepared constantly, he is more likely to suffer from colds, viral diseases, does not develop his thermoregulation system, immunity decreases.
On hot days, it is best to dress the baby, just as we prepare ourselves and add another thin layer of clothing that can easily be removed when it gets too hot and dressed in a light sandblaster or body at night.
What outfit to choose when children start going to kindergartens? Clothes for childrenmust be neither too big nor too small to move easily, do not restrict their movements and allow them to get acquainted with the world on their own, after all, kindergarten for children is the first steps into independent living, they stay for the first time, without the care of our parents. What is very important is to choose clothes, easy to dress, because after all, the little ones go outside with the teacher, play with friends and most often they just do not do everything on their own, they know how to do it. Clothing must be easy to maintain so that the child is not afraid to lubricate the clothes by participating in activities and it is very important to take into account the child's abilities, if the child simply, does not know how to tie a shoelace yet, then it is better to choose shoes simply with stickers or zipper, or do not know how to fasten the buttons, just also choose whether with a stamp or zipper, etc. For them, it is ideal to have a spare pair of gloves and socks in their locker.

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