Gray warmed overalls 62 -80 cm.

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Decorated with a cheerful dog, cozy, fastened with buttons, inside the white lining, which will not allow your child to freeze.Composition: top 100 % cotton, lower 100 % polyester.Washing can be carried out at a temperature of 40 degrees. Comparisons can be made at average temperatures.Terms of delivery here Return details Safe purchase

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DARE2B jacket is designed for winter and will be perfect for cold spring days. Characterized by good quality and easy maintenance, Having 100% polyesterin. Jackets do not miss wind, moisture, breathing, fixes at the bottom, adjustable cuffs, protective folding hood, who protects the child from rain or snow, pockets are pulled with zippers, have an...

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Newborn dowries
Newborn dowries|sunited gift collections|first drapes

Newborn dowries

Newborn dowries- give your beloved baby great clothes for the most beautiful meeting in the first moment of life.This gift is very versatile and suitable for all newborns, many shades, from modern white to bold pink and bright yellow.These colors will decorate your baby's wardrobe. The ornate dowries packed in beautiful packaging will be suitable for greeting the youngest member of the family. Especially well-regardedKris X Kids British brand, and all designs are designed - the UK has an elegant, luxurious design among luxury dowries. The set will be perfect for parents to decorate the baby stylishly, luxuriously, ornately and exclusively. Garments of high quality have an excellent style. These charming dowries are beautifully packed with ribbons in beautiful baskets, boxes, making it ideal for a gift. Kekvien baby is special, beloved and dear to parents, grandparents. After all, fashionable parents and mothers want their little babies to be special, unique and charming every precious day with a special colorful design.

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